We use the latest diagnostic equipment along with our vast experience to quickly locate a problem and assess what is required to fix it.

Accurately diagnosing a car requires expensive dedicated testing equipment and the expertise to be able to evaluate what the data means, fortunately here at HT Service Centre we have both.

Our advanced diagnosis equipment is able to configure and adapt all on-board systems and remap engine control units for fuel efficiency and performance. We also undertake key programming, read dashboard warning lights and gather airbag crash data.

Our years of experiences is invaluable for dealing with more common faults across the BMW and Mini range as we are quick to get to the source of a problem and have most likely come across the fault many times before. This means we can offer a more cost effective service as we waste no time with getting on and repairing your vehicle.

Before carrying out any work we provide you with a competitive quote and are upfront about the repairs we will be undertaking.

Diagnostic Work Includes:

  • Engine Management
  • ABS brakes
  • Fuel Injection
  • General Electrics
  • Airbags
  • Diesel Pumps
  • MAF (Mass Air Flow) Issues
  • and more….

When choosing HT Service Centre you can be confident you are getting the right solution as our work and parts are guaranteed for 12 months and as an approved service centre, your warranty won’t be affected by any repairs or servicing we carry out.