At HT Service Centre we have the experience and expertise to service your vehicle along BMW and Mini standards. Having your car regularly serviced will save you money and keep your car running reliably.

All vehicles regardless of make or age require routine servicing to avoid performance problems such as misfiring, stalling, hard starting, over heating and surging.

Our fully equipped garage contains proper inspection hoists for fast and efficient servicing and diagnostic work along with specialist equipment to carry out first rate servicing. We also have the technology to carry out Condition Based Servicing which through the use of sensors around the car we are able to determine what needs servicing.

Our services include:

  • Changing Oil
  • Radiator Check for coolant levels
  • Checking Gearbox and Transmission levels
  • Wheel alignment
  • Power Steering Check
  • Topping up Windscreen washer
  • Tyre Pressure Checked
  • Cleaning Brake Components
  • Checking cambelt due date
  • ….and much more

In all servicing we use genuine BMW engine oil and keep used parts for inspection before we dispose of them.

Our upfront pricing means there are no hidden surprises on the bill and you are able to see exactly what you are getting. If we find any repair work needing to be done we will always inform you first before carrying out any repair work.

Air Conditioning Re-gassing and Servicing

Our technicians are fully trained and qualified to undertake air conditioner servicing and re-gassing. Our comprehensive service includes:

  • Vacuuming the air conditioning system,
  • Pressure testing for leaks
  • Adding ultra violet dye and air conditioning oil to ensure the system is running efficiently
  • Cleaning with anti-bacterial products
  • Re-gassing

Your BMW Warranty is Protected

All our work is carried out in accordance with the Automotive Block Exemption Regulation meaning when you bring your vehicle in to get serviced, your warranty isn’t affected in any way. Our garage has been approved to carry out BMW servicing and because we use original parts the manufacturer is obliged to uphold the warranty they have issued for the vehicle. Main dealer parts are used if under warranty otherwise we use original equipment standard quality parts.

For all inspections and major services we offer a free MOT test.